Potential Legal Concerns for WWCSD

SUPES Academy

PROACT/SUPES (Superintendent Professional Preparation Series Academy) is a comprehensive leadership development program established to prepare individuals who will be the next generation of school system leaders for the academic, political, legal, and logistical complexities of the world they seek to enter and lead. 

When a graduate of the SUPES academy is hired as a superintendent by a district, the newly hired superintendent brings in the SUPES academy to train the school principals of that district, albeit at great expense to our district.






Dr. Holt's Resume

Dr. Holt was trained at the PROACT/ SUPES academy, the same as above referenced articles. Also, note the inconsistencies her resume packet and reference letters from the California School Boards Association.

Dr. holt's Contract

In her contract, Dr. Holt received $5,000 reimbursement for moving expenses from California to Michigan. Signed and dated September 6, 2017, the contract was not negotiated in a open meeting in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. The next Board meeting was not held until September 18, 2017. Click on the "MASB memo on OMA" link and read the last paragraph. By law, the Superintendent's contract must be negotiated in a open meeting. Detroit Public Schools had the same issue in contract negotiations with their superintendent.

The Superintendents 90 Day Plan Entry Plan