Michigan Association of school boards and our School Board

What is the Michigan Association of School boards (MASB)?

The Michigan Association of School Boards is a voluntary, nonprofit association of local and intermediate boards of education located throughout the State of Michigan. Their membership is comprised of 600+ boards of education, representing nearly all public school districts in the state.  

MASB Seminars

 Certifed Board Member Awards Program

Achievement isn’t just for kids!

The Certified Boardmember Awards Program offers school board leaders a way to develop new skills, stay up-to-date on educational issues and earn recognition for professional development as a school board member. The links below provide course descriptions for the CBA core 100-level classes and the advanced CBA 200- or 300- level courses, along with the time and location of course offerings in the near future.  

MASB recently held seminars at Mission Point Resort on Mackinaw Island. This is one of the many places MASB offers these seminars to school board trustees. 

How Much is Too Much?

How Many Times Can a Board Member Attend Seminars?

Year after year some board members attend the same seminars and stay at expensive resorts on our tax dollars. Is this really necessary more than one time during their term? Click the link below and scroll to section 7, September 2017 for one example of who and how much these trips cost the tax payers.


Using What They Learned

What did they really learn? How is this being used at the district level?