WWCSD now Looking for 4 new Assistants Superintendent


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What is Going On

Latest News

  • Some contracts not being renewed
  • Staff positions being eliminated
  • Superintendent declares WWCSD an urban school district weeks after her arrival. See tab (above) of the differences between urban and suburban schools.
  • Partnership agreement with the State of Michigan

Is This a State of Emergency?

The Superintendent is considering a State of Michigan invitation to join our district under a partnership agreement. WWCSD currently ranks yellow (average) in the state with a 82/100 score. This is no justification for State of Michigan intervention. Additionally, two of the three schools that were on the State of Michigan Priority List were recently removed due to marked improvements in student achievement.

See report here - https://www.mischooldata.org/DistrictSchoolProfiles/ReportCard/AccountabilityScorecard2/AccountabilityScorecard2ProficiencySummary.aspx

Watch This Video

In the video linked below, watch our new Superintendent promoting our Strategic Plan, grade configurations and new technology in our district. However, a recommendation for Board approval to purchase new Chrome Books with Title I funds, not affecting General Fund monies, was not presented to the board for a vote.



New Chrome Books

The purchase of new chrome books and computing carts were denied by Dr. Holt. She said a few things of note - Given the partnership agreement that the district may enter, all purchases must be reviewed; and she explained that, with every purchase, we have to ask how does it benefit student achievement and how will we know that impact? She also stated, "Responsible purchasing relates to the Bond issue and building community trust."

Reimbursement for Interview Travel

Dr. Holt demanded, and subsequently received, $751.63 reimbursement by majority vote of the School Board for travel expenses incurred before she was hired. Should not all candidates be reimbursed for travel?

Partnership with the state; press release

The State of Michigan has invited WWCSD into a partnership agreement to improve student achievement in our district. WWCSD has one school remaining on the State's Priority List of underachieving schools. The entire district must enter the partnership for one school. Two schools were removed from the list on October 27th, 2017 (without State intervention). This important fact was not mentioned during the November 6, 2017 school board meeting except by a parent in attendance.



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